Freestyle Aerial Center

Only steps away from the Olympic Ski Jumps at the Freestyle Aerial Training Center, you'll find a year-round training and competition site for freestylers who defy the laws of gravity on a daily basis. In the summer there's a 750,000 gallon pool that makes quite a splash but in the winter athletes have to stick their landing and ski down on the steep 37 degree slope.


Olympic Ski Jumps

Olympic Jumping Complex

Between Albany and Montreal, there's nothing taller. These friendly giants greet Adirondack visitors as they kiss the eastern sky. Known as the Olympic Ski Jumps, the 90 and 120 meter jumps have been the proving grounds for many World Champions and Olympians alike.

The 120m jump tower features a skydeck - accessible by chairlift and elevator - that'll give you a sky-high perspective on the art of the Ski Jump. There are nordic jumping competitions throughout the summer and winter, where you'll see the nation's finest take to the air.


Summer 2009

  • Rates: Complex & Park (includes chairlift & elevator):
    Adults $10.00; Jr./Sr. $7.00
  • Event Days: Adults $14.00, Juniors/Seniors $8.00
  • Season: May 23-25,May 29-June7,June 12-14,June 19-2
    Daily June 26 to October 18 (Closed July 26)
  • Times: Open daily 10:00 am – 5:00 pm