Things To Do


Our venues are not just for elite winter athletes. They’re also a winter vacationer’s paradise, a recreational nirvana of sorts. From meandering over cross-country ski trails to hurtling down the ice-covered bobsled track or the snow-covered slopes, to trundling about in snow shoes or cruising around on skates, our resort sites have it all. Anyone can use the same facilities as world-class athletes. Think of yourself as one for a day…or more. Come visit us and see why we’re the Winter Sports Capital of the World.


What’s there to do in the Winter Sports Capital of the World during the summer months? Just because there’s no snow on the ground (well, not usually in July) Lake Placid doesn’t rest on its laurels and wait for winter to return. Instead, the Lake Placid Winter Olympic venues shed their winter trappings and turn into sleek, summertime playgrounds.

All the venues, from the Olympic Sports Complex to Whiteface to the Olympic Center and the Ski Jumping Complex host a variety of events and attractions for people to participate in and enjoy in summertime. From wheeled bobsled rides to mountain biking to hiking to learning to be a biathlete or an aerialist to enjoying a scenic gondola ride, the venues offer a complete experience. So put away your boots, gloves and snow pants and come see all that we have to offer!


And don’t forget, we love groups! If you have a corporate, school or any other group, please contact us and we can help you arrange the outing of your dreams!