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The Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) plays host to a variety of national and international competitions. ORDA's calendar is always full of fun and exciting events and we are thankful for our wonderful volunteers, who play an essential part in making each event unique and successful.

We look forward to 2017/18 as the regularly slated World Cup Tours such as the World Cup Bobsled & Skeleton and the FIS Freestyle will stop and compete in Lake Placid. We are also extremely excited because we will be seeing the return of collegiate hockey tournaments!

New this year at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Cross Country Ski Center is our Citizen’s Challenge Series.  With only minimal volunteers needed for these laid-back races on select Sundays this winter, we urge you to consider participating in them.  These competitions will be run in a team format, with finishers earning points for their club regardless of results.  The team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned Champions and receive a super-cool trophy, so start talking to your spouse/friends/neighbors now about forming a team to take part is these fun and social races!

As you can see, we have a lot of events on tap. Many of these athletes competing at these events were 2014 Sochi Olympians and it is an honor for the Village of Lake Placid to host athletes of this caliber. These events are crucial for athletes. These competitors are vying for the number one position of their overall World Cup races and the title of World Champion in their respective sports—setting them on their path to the 2018 PyeongChang, South Korea Winter Games.

With the United States Olympic Training Center (OTC) located here in Lake Placid, the variety of events and athletes here in our village is endless. The Olympic Regional Development and the United States Olympic Center work together with the National Governing Bodies (NGB) of each Olympic sport in order to bring varying levels of competition to the area; this includes, Nor/Am competitions, America's Cup competition, junior athletic events and much more.

So as you can see, ORDA has a continual need for volunteers. We encourage you to check out our website with up-to-date event information and see if there are any events that you may have interest in volunteering for. Volunteering is a great way to learn about the history of this area and meet people from the Lake Placid and its surrounding Regions.

If interested in becoming a volunteer, sign up here (be sure to check the box for Whiteface Event Volunteers on the form) and/or contact Michael Battisti for Nordic Sports/Biathlon volunteering at mbattisti@orda.org.

Some of our typical volunteer needs:

  • Stewards, Crowd Control: Watch over areas to make sure properly credentialed people are allowed in and out. Also may hand out information about event or collect admission tickets.
  • Parking: Direct spectator parking in lots and answer questions from these patrons.
  • Registration: Check-in athletes, coaches, officials and help put together packets of information.
  • Timing: Help with timing and scoring of events.
  • Hospitality: Serving drinks and snacks to VIPs & athletes at events.
  • Gate Keeping: Assisting with skiing and snowboarding races on the course, maintaining the gates in which the athletes are racing by.
  • Athlete Chaperoning: With many of our World Cup events, outside drug testing agencies test the athletes to insure fair competition without the help of illegal substances. Once an athlete completes competition, an Athlete Chaperone stays side by side with the athlete until they have completed the drug testing process.
  • Runners: Volunteers that assist with getting information around the venue, such as results, weather, and other vital info.
  • Sponsor Tent Reps: Sponsors request volunteers to be stationed at tents in which give-a-ways and product information are handed out to spectators at the events.
  • Course Slippers: Whiteface events require expert skiers to help maintain the courses during an event by using volunteers to slip the courses on skis. This term "to slip" means to groom with skis in a V formation or side-slipping depending on the course and weather conditions. This keeps the courses consistent for the athletes.
  • Technique Controllers: "Classic-style" Cross-country events require intermediate or better skiers to watch for "skating infractions" by naughty skiers.
  • Lab Counters: Also for XC, for multi-lap races, and for the penalty loop in Biathlon.
  • Chip and Bib Collectors: Needed at the finish of many races.
  • Box Monkeys, Hit/Miss Recorders: In Biathlon, volunteers reset the targets with the push of a button, and manually record hits and misses at the range.
  • Markers: Ski Jumping events at the MacKenzie-Intervale Ski Jumping Complex need volunteers to mark on the hill where skiers land. Training will be given to all volunteers. Yes, volunteers are actually scoring the athletes (with the help of officials). It's amazing!!

2017/18 Nordic Calendar of Events

2017/18 Whiteface Lake Placid Events

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